I Found my Love in your WRITINGS [Part-4]

* (Short Story) *

After 1year John went for a mission to Japan but before he took his journey last night how was talking with his beloved Nancy.

John- “Hey sweetheart! where have you been these days? So busy in your work dear! No time for me!”

Nancy- “Baby,I am having cold and cough these days.Sorry I couldn’t tell you.I was unable to do any work but my cousin was here till today’s morning so she prepared some fruity foody recipe’s for me.”

John- “Oh Baby! you could have told me earlier.By the way how are you now?”.

Nancy- “Don’t worry Baby,I am lil bit cured now.”

John- “OK,did you ate something now?”

Nancy- “Nope,thinking about making something”

*Trrrrrring* Suddenly a doorbell rang.Nancy opened a door and found a parcel from a postman..Thanking him she came back to her seat…

Nancy- “Someone sent me a parcel in this late night.what’s there in it?” she was so surprised

John- ” Open it”

Nancy found her meal for dinner..

Nancy- “Omg! what’s this?”

John- “I knew you wouldn’t have ate anything at the eve so I just ordered your favorite Italian food.It will light you up soon”

Nancy- “Oh,so it’s you ha! I love you so much.”

John- “I love you too Nancy.
But I want to say something to you. Tomorrow I am leaving NY for 10days for a mission.So please take care of yourself,no cold drinks,no late chats.
We will meet after I come back home”

Nancy- “I will be waiting for you.Good luck.”

What happen after John came back to NY? Will they meet?
Stay tuned for most amazing story ever…


I Found my Love in your WRITINGS [Part-3]

* (Short Story) *

John and Nancy used to talk almost everyday.As much as he used talk with her he himself used to feel an enlighten.

One day while chatting John asked something from Nancy.
John- “Nancy,why didn’t you upload your own pictures?”

Nancy- “No reason.I don’t like putting a face pack snap on a social networking site.”

John- “Oh! Can you send me your own pic,I want to see how beautiful my friend is..”

Nancy- “John! It doesn’t matter how we look,a relation is needed clarity with a clean heart,That’s all what matters for identifying a person’s image”

John thought ‘ya that’s also right.’
As time passed and came to 6th month Nancy and John both felt an eternal love hidden somewhere in their heart which wasn’t came out in words.

John- “Nancy! Do you believe in love? Did you ever fall in love?”

Nancy- “Yes,I do believe in this feeling but few people keep it long lasting.So I never tried to be in a fake relation with someone.”

Both of them were silent for sometime…>>
Suddenly Nancy threw her emotions to him as she couldn’t control herself…

Nancy- “John! may I ask you something?”

John- “Yeah.”

Nancy- “If I give my heart to you,will you be able to keep it safe forever?”

John- “Dear! Just give it once to me and I promise I’ll never let you go away from me,neither I will ignore you giving excuses of my work nor I’ll make you sad.”

Nancy- “Are you sure?”

John- “100%”

Nancy- “Oh boy! I love you so much!”

John- “I love you to Babe.” John went in Heaven

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